How long does it take to learn to kitesurf?

As in every sport, the learning process is very individual and varies from person to person. A kite beginner course takes 3 days. On the third day our students are capable to stand up on the kiteboard and ride their first meters. Some students can do so on the 2nd day already and others need a little bit longer.

We adapt to every students level and learning curve and recommend you to come to Tarifa for at least a week of kitesurf holiday. This way we have more time to choose the best wind days for you and make sure you profit to the maximum!

But the first course day we always spend on the beach! It is very important to learn to fly the kite perfectly before entering the water. Because once you are in the water you will learn to hold your board and but it on at the same time as holding your kite. If you can’t control your kite well enough yet it will take more time to take off on your board. So trust us we know when it is the right time to enter into the water. It is worth it to take it step by step to advance faster afterwards!

See you in Tarifa!

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