Tarifa is full of little bars and restaurants for every taste. Due to its location close to Morrocco there is also an arabic influence in the food you find here. Being a happy “hippy” place you also find many vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The main speciality remains the famous Tuna & Spanish Tapas. The lifestyle to be outside allmost all day long and have a little bite in the streets with friends makes Tarifa a very social place where you will allways meet a friend or make new ones. People from all over the world come to Tarifa and fall in love with the place. Allmost everyone returns. The beautiful old town makes you enjoy the food even more!

Following a few of our favourite picks to eat out in Tarifa!

Mic Moc

An Argentinian Chef who prepares his food from local sources with a lot of love and art. Fish, Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian dishes. A very cosy place to eat in and outside.

La Pescaderia

The best place in town to eat fresh local fish. We recommend you to try one of their rices. Also the tuna steak is incredible. Start with a Tarifa Salad.


A great little cosy place with only a few tables inside. It is the best vegetarian restaurant in town and was the first. Very good food with healthy fresh and local ingredients. Bio Beers, Wine and Soda. The best carrot cake in town! If you can’t find a free table do take away.


A very beautiful place to eat dinner in a great atmosphere. The restaurant has a lot of style and the food is great. Make sure you reservate a table or be there early. You can enjoy a drink at the bar to wait for your table also. Tapas, Fish and Meat.


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