Everybody can learn to kitesurf!

Kitesurfing is a water sport for everyone! Guess what? It is not as difficult to learn to kitesurf as you might think it is! Many people think that they need a lot of strenght to hold a kite, young or very fit. None of these things are true. Because of this they might be affraid of booking a kitesurf course eventhough they would love to learn to kite.

You can progress fast in Kitesurfing! From the first time flying a kite on the beach and the first few meters gliding over the water only a few days will pass. As soon as you have gained your skills of flying the kite allmost blind you are free to try your first jumps and tricks and just have fun discovering all the cool stuff you can do in Kitesurfing!

Why to book a kitecourse in Tarifa? Tarifa is a kitesurf paradie with many different kitespots and amazing beaches! We take our students to the best suited beach depending on the wind conditions. Our kite instructors are all professional and certified FAV and IKO and have many year of teaching experience.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us for an unforgettable kite adventure in Tarifa Spain!

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