Team Colombia

Wladimir Rodriguez

Wlady created the Wayuu Kiteschool in 2013 after working many years in kitesurfing and having his own kiteboard brand Wayuu Custom Boards. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching and besides that is  a local legend in kitesurfing. Wlady is originally from Colombia and crazy about kitesurfing. He is very excited about this new project in Mayapo!

Beto Gomez

Beto Gomez is a close friend of Wladi and is a real Wayüu, coming from Cabo de la Vela Guajira Colombia. He is an extremely talented kitesurfer and riding the world tour. He was 4th in the 2022 King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa. He is our professional Big Air Kitesurfer and leads the Pro Camps we organize in Big Air in Mayapo coming up Spring 2023. He is always smiling, loves music and is always inspiring  with his positive vibes!

Juan Rodriguez

From Lago Calima Colombia, he is currently world number 3 in Kitesurfing! He is our professional for the  Freestyle Pro Camps coming up Spring 2023. You will always find him with a big smile and latin sound in his ears!


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